Illinois Residents and Small Businesses Scramble for Stability During COVID-19

By Brittany Benson and Julia Kindelin The majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and 27-year-old DSW employee Karen Nhol of Chicago is no exception. But when the global pandemic shut down DSW stores on March 18, Nhol and many others  were left wondering what would happen to their financial futures.  “When this began IContinue reading “Illinois Residents and Small Businesses Scramble for Stability During COVID-19”

Prevention of COVID-19

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is evolving faster then expected leading to new updates everyday. 137 countries have reported this virus as it is spreading globally, having 140,000 people effected. This lead to the World Health Organization declaring the virus a pandemic. This virus is to be very dangerous as it is so contagious. This virus canContinue reading “Prevention of COVID-19”

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