Nationwide Pandemic Takeover Affecting Necessity Jobs and Lifestyles

Nationwide Pandemic Takeover Affecting Necessity Jobs and Lifestyles Our world is now at war with a national pandemic that has struck the world. The COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus has not been just a national issue, this has become a worldwide pandemic that has affected everyone.  This pandemic has affected those in the frontline workforceContinue reading “Nationwide Pandemic Takeover Affecting Necessity Jobs and Lifestyles”

Illinois Residents and Small Businesses Scramble for Stability During COVID-19

By Brittany Benson and Julia Kindelin The majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and 27-year-old DSW employee Karen Nhol of Chicago is no exception. But when the global pandemic shut down DSW stores on March 18, Nhol and many others  were left wondering what would happen to their financial futures.  “When this began IContinue reading “Illinois Residents and Small Businesses Scramble for Stability During COVID-19”

Prevention of COVID-19

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is evolving faster then expected leading to new updates everyday. 137 countries have reported this virus as it is spreading globally, having 140,000 people effected. This lead to the World Health Organization declaring the virus a pandemic. This virus is to be very dangerous as it is so contagious. This virus canContinue reading “Prevention of COVID-19”

Police Stations in Chicago

Most Chicago crimes happen often on the CTA public transportation routes. According to the NBC 5 data analytics CTA platforms have the highest amount of violent crimes and theft cases in the city of Chicago. When looking at Chicagos most safest and deadliest neighborhoods in the year 2019, the top three neighborhoods were Fuller Park,Continue reading “Police Stations in Chicago”

Lamar Odom Basketball Season Scoring Average

Lamar Odom was drafted to the NBA in 1999 to the LA Clippers. Odom played four seasons with the Clippers. In the year 2000, Odom was part of the NBA All-Rookie team honoring his accomplishments as a newly professional basketball player. His first two years on the Clippers were his best basketball years in termsContinue reading “Lamar Odom Basketball Season Scoring Average”

Google Trends: Rise of Fenty Beauty & The Spread of Corona Virus

The Rise of Fenty Beauty Every year Sephora is consistently adding new brands into there stores. In September of 2017, singer Rihanna had launched her own makeup brand in Sephora stores. Her brand, Fenty Beauty, had changed the makeup industry drastically. The brand of Fenty Beauty is known for there broad shade ranges, reaching everyContinue reading “Google Trends: Rise of Fenty Beauty & The Spread of Corona Virus”

Homicides in Chicago

Homicides rates in Chicago have fluctuated throughout the years of 1990-2019. From the years 1990 to 2005, the rates of homicides dropped tremendously. Throughout the years 2005 to 2015 homicide rates stayed somewhat stagnate. When looking at the years 2015 to 2016, the rates went from stagnate to a high peak reaching about 775 homicides.Continue reading “Homicides in Chicago”

Google Trends: KKW Beauty VS. Kylie Cosmetics and Chance the Rapper helps CPS

KKW Beauty VS. Kylie Cosmetics The beauty industry is rapidly growing consistently with new brands every year. Kylie Cosmetics was founded by Kylie Jenner in the year 2015. KKW Beauty was founded by sister, Kim Kardashian in the year 2017. Both companies have much success being that both sisters are business moguls. KKW Beauty andContinue reading “Google Trends: KKW Beauty VS. Kylie Cosmetics and Chance the Rapper helps CPS”

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