Police Stations in Chicago

Most Chicago crimes happen often on the CTA public transportation routes. According to the NBC 5 data analytics CTA platforms have the highest amount of violent crimes and theft cases in the city of Chicago.

When looking at Chicagos most safest and deadliest neighborhoods in the year 2019, the top three neighborhoods were Fuller Park, Riverdale and West Garfield Park. Both Fuller Park and Riverdale are located in South Chicago. West Garfield Park is located on the West side of Chicago.

Riverdale being the most South is covered by district 5 police. Up north from Riverdale is Fuller Park is surrounded there are three police stations surrounding Fullerpark including the headquarters. West side of Chicago in the neighborhood of West Garfield Park is near district 11.

Looking at the map, I find it interesting that there is a big area surrounding Brighton Park that has no police station near. When looking at the distance between this neighborhood and the nearest police station, it would take 20 minutes of travel time from the station. Most neighborhoods in the city of Chicago have a station in or less then 20 minutes near there neighborhood, especially the most dangerous neighborhoods.

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