Lamar Odom Basketball Season Scoring Average

Lamar Odom was drafted to the NBA in 1999 to the LA Clippers. Odom played four seasons with the Clippers. In the year 2000, Odom was part of the NBA All-Rookie team honoring his accomplishments as a newly professional basketball player. His first two years on the Clippers were his best basketball years in terms of scoring.

Lamar Odom was transferred to the Miami Heat for one year during 2003-2004 scoring an average of 17.1. This was almost as good as his first two years on the LA Clippers. After a short year on the Miami Heat, Odom was then transferred to the LA Lakers where he spent majority of his basketball career.

Odom spent seven seasons on the Lakers, winning the NBA Championship in 2009 and 2010. While these seven seasons brought a lot of highs in Odoms life professionally, personally unfortunate events happened. Odoms son, Jayden died in 2006 sleeping in his crib from SIDS.

In the year 2009, Odom gets married to reality star, Khloe Kardashian. They launched there own reality show in April of 2012, where he showed his move to his new team the Dallas Mavericks. Throughout the show you can see his depression where eventually he ended up parting ways with the Dallas Mavericks scoring an average of 6.6.

The LA Clippers picked up Odom on his last basketball season of 2012-2013 where he scored 4 points. This was the year Lamar Odom was arrested for drunk driving receiving three years on probation. In this basketball season he was also accused of infidelity and drug use.

According to the data analysis above, you will see towards the end of Odoms career his personal life effected his professional basketball life. After his last year of NBA basketball, his personal issues would be talked about on the Kardashian reality show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and through blogs. Odom had tried to renew his basketball career with a short term deal to play for a Spanish basketball team but was injured in 2014. Later that year he signed to the New York Knicks but did not play and was later on waived.

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