Google Trends: Rise of Fenty Beauty & The Spread of Corona Virus

The Rise of Fenty Beauty

Every year Sephora is consistently adding new brands into there stores. In September of 2017, singer Rihanna had launched her own makeup brand in Sephora stores. Her brand, Fenty Beauty, had changed the makeup industry drastically.

The brand of Fenty Beauty is known for there broad shade ranges, reaching every clients skin complexion needs. When launching this brand, Rihanna had come out with 40 shades of foundation, since expanded to 50. This was very unheard of in the beauty industry being that foundation shades typically would come in 20 shades or less leaving certain skin complexions out.

Since the launch in 2017, many of her products become sold out leaving customers waiting or having to travel to different stores to receive there products. This creates buzz not only for Rihanna and her line but also Sephora.

Sephora carries nearly 300 brands. This creates its search rates to always be up and down whenever there is a Sephora exclusive product release. Typically this store is most searched around the holiday season as shown in the data analysis below (red).

When looking at the Google Trends data analysis, before the holiday season, the terms “Rihanna” (yellow) and “Sephora” (red) are showing similar search data. This is typically when Rihanna drops new products that this correlation occurs. This is interesting data being that the term “Fenty Beauty” (blue) does not get searched as much.

Sephora and Fenty Beautys marketing strategies are similar in the way they make it known that it is a Sephora exclusive. This explains why just the term “Fenty Beauty” doesn’t get as many searches, being that Fenty Beauty online store doesn’t get as much traffic as Sephora stores.

The Spread of Corona Virus

The new respiratory disease called Coronavirus has made its way out of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China to the United States. This virus has been brought to the attention of many being that it has been found to be contagious and even fatal.

On January 30, 2020 USA Today had published, “Chicago man is first US case of person-to-person coronavirus spread”. This was the second confirmation case and the sixth in the nation. This virus is concerning being that there is no vaccine or cure. This became alarming to many as it has been mistaken for other sicknesses including the Flu and Pneumonia.

More conversation and curiosity has occurred since the outbreaks. According to Google Trends data analysis, all of these terms peaked towards the end of January. The term “Coronovirus” (blue) had surpassed the other search terms tremendously being that it is a hot topic.

Looking at the Google Trends data analysis above, the term “Virus” (red) seems to not be as strong of a search but following the same patterns as “Cornovirus” (blue). These search terms had reached the same peak on the same days at points corresponding to the news articles that have been released.

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